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  The EASE application is a tightly integrated, easy to use, Debtors, Order Entry, Delivery, Invoicing, Inventory and Production Management system. Specifically designed for manufacturers of clay and concrete products, EASE is modular and open in design, allowing it to be moulded to meet your changing business needs.

Investment Protection: 

EASE was developed using the Progress Application Development Environment and Database. Being built on such robust, scaleable and portable technology, the EASE application can be migrated from the smallest PC to the largest server, without the need for rewrites or major investments in new software.

Because Progress runs on over 700 platforms, so does the EASE Application, and as a result, you will not be penalised for the growth of your own business. Even if your business requirements change to the extent that new Hardware platforms are required there will be no need to change the Application Software code!  EASE will continue to offer you the same functionality that you’ve come to expect, regardless of your computer environment.

 Rapid implementation >>>Rapid results>>>

Businesses today object to the ‘one size fits all’ philosophy as every business is different. EASE has been designed so that customisation can be done quickly and easily, both now and in the future. This means that in an ever-changing business environment, the EASE system is extremely flexible and will empower you to run a better business, rather than to have to conform or make do with system limitations. EASE allows you to run your business the way you want to, and not how someone else thinks you should.

 Quality information in Real-time:

EASE employs real-time transaction entry and posting. This allows the user to view up to the minute information via the online enquiries, resulting in current and accurate information for decision support, rather than having to use some outdated historical data. That way, you can make an informed decision in real-time, with real knowledge and confidence.

Scaleable 'future proof' database:  

EASE uses the Progress database to support up to ten thousand concurrent users. Progress is embedded database of choice worldwide. A recent Aberdeen group report recognised Progress as the database environment with the lowest total cost of ownership over a five year period. Progress Software Corporation is committed to the Application Development community, with a core focus on online transaction processing requirements and e-commerce. Their software has been tried and tested and features rigorous backup and fail safe procedures, which means a more robust and stable computing environment.

Reports that you can actually use, when you need them:

EASE’s versatile reporting functions allow you to easily extract the information you need in real-time. You get the information you need the way you want it, when you want it. There will be no need to pay someone to write report writers or complex data extraction and analysis programs. 

Easy to Use:

Ease’s uniform approach to screen formats and navigation means that the user can concentrate on their job, rather than on how the system works. Pop-up help menus guide the user through the system in order to complete the task at hand. As a result, they become proficient and confident quickly, while the uniform system design and validation procedures, reduce data entry errors.

Hostile environment? No Problem........

Ease is deployed as a Host based environment in which low cost terminals (or a PC, if required) access a central server. This means that in dusty, dirty conditions there is no need to purchase expensive and sensitive equipment, which constantly needs upgrading or repairing. In the event that additional processing power is required, this will only have to take place on the central server, and not on every workstation or terminal.

E-Commerce Ready

 The key to a successful e-commerce implementation is making it easier for your customers and suppliers to do business with your company. Whether you have an existing e-commerce capability, or are simply contemplating embracing e-commerce, EASE is ready for you.If you are reluctant to invest in e-commerce infrastructure, our ASP facility will give you the benefit of performing transactions over the web, without the large initial investment in both Human and technological Resources.