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Ease system's modules at a glance:

Sales order/Invoicing  Module

   This module is tightly integrated with all the other modules in the EASE system and provides for the
     following  functions:
    ·  Once a quotation is captured and subsequently accepted by the client, the quote is automatically
         converted to a valid order,  without the necessity of re-entering the information.
    ·  Capturing and management of Back orders.
    ·  Caters for multiple factories
    ·  Caters for multiple delivery addresses and entry of shipping instructions
    ·  Caters for multiple discount levels
    ·  Accurate, up to the minute Sales figures in both month to date and year to date formats
    ·  Caters for the retention of historical records
    ·  Caters for credit checking and stock availability prior to goods being shipped.
    ·  Goods are only removed from stock when they are physically shipped or dispatched.
         This means that orders can be captured even when actual stock on hand is zero or lower than
          the quantity ordered.


    Debtors Module

    This module is tightly integrated with all the other  modules in the EASE system and provides for
        typical accounting functions like:
     ·  Posting of credit notes, journals and payments.
     ·  Movements of unlocated cash
     ·  ‘Open item’ or ‘balance brought forward’ statements.
     ·  Easy to use search facilities to find specific transactions.
     ·  Debtor on ‘credit hold’ feature and credit limits.
     ·  Printing of invoices.

    Stock Module

     As with other modules, this module is tightly integrated with all the others and provides for:
      ·  Standard of average inventory costing.
·  Perpetual stock-take facility allows for stock-takes to be conducted at any time without the
          need  to halt delivery.
      ·  Sophisticated stock level enquiries on finished goods, back order, work in progress, stock-take
          variances and stock movement.

   Production Module

     This module provides for production instructions that include Bills of materials and multipl

      production  recipes.
Reports include breakdowns of raw material usage and production urgency.  
   This module also handles the costing of raw materials, work in progress and finished goods.

    Dispatch module

  This module integrates with the Sales Order/ Invoicing, Stock and Weighbridge modules to
         provide for: 
          Creation and printing of routing and delivery instructions prior to delivery
      ·  Automatic invoicing at dispatch level.
      ·  Easy to use shipping enquiries
      ·  Truck loading information
      ·  Rescheduling of deliveries


    Weighbridge module
This module interfaces with existing weighbridge equipment and manages the mass measurement
       of  vehicles in and out of the customers site,  resulting in sophisticated audit reports of raw
       materials, deliveries, returns and pallet movements.