Application Service Provider - ASP

What is an ASP?

An ASP is a software service provider who offers 'pay per use access' to Software Applications, services and infrastructure using the Internet, ISDN or leased lines as the delivery mechanism. The key to the ASP model is that the applications are installed, managed and updated remotely (on our machines at our offices) thus enabling the client to focus on their core business and insulating them from hardware, network, software, database and staffing issues.The ASP model allows even the smallest companies to rent best of breed software solutions (which are typically expensive to own) and technical resource at an affordable monthly rate. The client effectively shifts the responsibility of managing, enhancing, maintaining all their computer infrastructure to the ASP, thus saving money and deployment time.

Why ASP? What are the benefits to you?

  • Cost Saving: "Application outsourcing can reduce the total cost of ownership by 50% or more" - Gartner Group. By leveraging existing network and service infrastructure, Realtime are able to take advantage of ECONOMIES OF SCALE and offer the client an extremely low cost of ownership, negating almost all capital expenditure, upgrade and ongoing management costs.

  • Access: The Realtime ASP program gives you access to high priced, high functionality systems such as Human Resources, ERP (Enterprise Resource planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management at a very low monthly cost.

  • Speed of deployment: ASP offers you the flexibility to expand your business operation as and when you need to, without the usual delay as your own IT infrastructure tries to catch up with your business demands. Realtime ASP allows you to activate or plug in new applications as and when the need arises, meaning that you are able to respond to a business need, rather than being restricted by the capabilities of your existing systems. Planning: Very few companies are able to formulate accurate IT budgets due to the unpredictability of future hardware and software upgrades, staff mobility and ever spiraling network costs. Realtime ASP allows you to fix these costs as a monthly recurring, 'off Balance Sheet' item. Furthermore, we are able to deliver an extremely high level of system 'up time' ensuring that there are no lost opportunities due to system problems or constraints.

  • Focus: By removing the 'IT headache' of having to manage staff and infrastructure, we enable our clients to focus on their core business and do what they do best, leaving the rest in the hands of trained IT professionals with twenty years of hands on experience.

The Realtime ASP offering is suitable for large Enterprises as well as small and medium sized companies. Large organisations benefit from the ASP model in the following areas:

  • By outsourcing routine infrastructure and software maintenance, they are able to focus on more strategic objectives.

  • As with most big companies, there is a constant acquisition cycle. I.T. departments are forced to integrate heterogenous software, networks and platforms - a time consuming task. Realtime ASP can significantly reduce this time and cost.

  • ASP offers consistency of application and service standard for today's distributed global companies.

Small to medium sized companies benefit in the following ways:

  • ASP lowers the initial investment required by eliminating the high costs of Staff, infrastructure and training.

  • Rather than buying cheaper alternatives, the company is able to acquire world class software at a low cost, and with it a much-needed competitive advantage